ESPORG Workshop at the Gorizia rail-road terminal

The workshop organized by ESPORG and Interporto di Gorizia – SDAG S.p.A was held on 12th May at the Gorizia RRT, with the aim of highlighting once again the importance of developing safe parking lots for heavy vehicles to support the national and international transport network. Important updates on these issues, as well as recent regulatory developments, were presented by ESPORG, but also by the representatives of some operators who manage these parking areas on a daily basis, such as A4 Holding and Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.

After a brief overview of the new CEF2 calls and the related procedures for submitting applications for funding, this was also the opportunity to present the activities of PASS4CORE project, funded by the CEF Program, by Alberto Milotti (Interporto Quadrante Europa), project manager of the initiative, and above all to re-launch the idea of a collaboration between the actors of this sector, also through the development of a national platform for the management and coordination of these initiatives, an activity that Matteo Arena of RAM S.p.A. is currently working on.

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