Sudies & Curriculum Vitae

High school was at the Liceum G. Marconi of Conegliano (TV) and during that five years of studies he experienced seasonal hand works in different fields of activity. From all of them he took some hint to draft its first true and adult personality.
He attended five years at the University of Padova studying forestry and during the last couple of years he began to work also at intellectual level with some research projects. The following high performing training was acquired during the PhD school where he learned new and elaborated criteria of evaluation and alternative approaches to solve problems and obstacles.

Formazione universitaria

May 2009
Doctoral School on LERH "Land, Environment, Resources and Health” with economical address (XXI cycle)
Thesis "Producing energy form biomasses: a weighted goal programming approach evaluation". Professors: Vasco Boatto and Tiziano Tempesta.

January 2006
State certification exam for Agronomist and Forestry

October 2005
Master degree in Forestry and environmental sciences
Master thesis "Wood houses in Italy: an analysis of market’s trend”. Professors Paola Gatto and Raffaele Cavalli.

Ottobre 2003
Degree in Forestry and environmental sciences
Thesis "Wood industries in Vittorio Veneto area: an hypothesis of industrial district". Professors Maurizio Merlo (†), Paola Gatto and Vasco Boatto

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